Time to shop! Find your favorite towel, check the patterns & colors. We offer you a wide range of pattern & color combinations.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      You can find answer of some questions below. If you cannot find your question here, please send us your question with the form existing at this page.

      Do you offer deals for wholesale or bulk orders?

      You can click on 'YES' above to visit Wholesale & Bulk Orders page and get more information.

      What is the size of the towels?

      Towels (Peshtemals):

      71″ x 39″ (180 cm x 100 cm)

      Hand Towels (Peshkirs):

      35″ x 19″ (89 cm x 50 cm)

      What is the weight of the towels?

      Towels (Peshtemals):

      The weight of the towels vary according to pattern. The weight is in the range of 0.75-1.04 lbs (340-470 grams).

      Hand Towels (Peshkirs):

      The weight of the handtowels vary according to pattern. The weight is in the range of 0.46-0.60 lbs (210-270 grams).

      What is the GSM of the towels?

      Towels (Peshtemals):

      in the range of 190-260 g/m2

      Hand Towels (Peshkirs):

      in the range of 470-610 g/m2

      What is the washing and drying instructions?

      Care it, use it longer...

      Washing the peshtemal up to 30° C with a slower spin cycle is fine. You can combine colors in one wash. Use of delicate-wash bag is recommended when a top-loading agitator washing machine may be used to prevent threads coming out of the bottom. They will dry in a short time under the sun.

      Do you sell hand/face towels?

      They are called 'peshkir'. You can click on 'YES' above to visit our store.

      Where are the towels made in?

      Our towels are made in Turkey.

      Are the towels made from Turkish Cotton?


      Our towels are made in Turkey with Turkish cotton.

      Would the material of towels be ok to embroider fro personalization?


      It is suitable to be monogrammed. One of our customers shared photos of her towels with initials or names on it. You may find related photos on our social media accounts.

      How big is it when folded?

      It changes according to your folding way. If you fold it, it can be like 26 cm x 26 cm x 3 cm and if you fold it one more, it will be like 26 cm x 13 cm x 6 cm. Note that 3 cm and 6 cm are the height dimensions. If you roll it, its dimensions will be like 26 cm long and the height (diameter) will be about 10 cm. As a result, it can fold up to very small dimensions.

      Are the towels hand-loomed?

      Hand-loomed Fringes

      Our towels are produced using automatic weaving looms but they have very similar quality compared to hand-loomed towels. However, fringes at the two ends are loomed by hand.

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